In a fast-movingmode, a 360-degree solution is based on best management from the Proposal to delivery. May it be a solution Integrator or Software development firm or back office, most companies are spending 99% of the time in quick understanding in scope and directly diving in solution, and placing the right solution leaving the residue work, documentation. Ask the following questions, if your answer is yes …. you need to talk to Vio now

  • Are you a Technology Freelancer; having no time to prepare documentation for the solution you are providing to your customers, leaving you and them unsatisfied?
  • Are you a system integrator? Is your pre-sales and sales team occupied with lot more key engagements, unable to prepare an industry standard proposal?
    And are you not happy from your quality of proposals?
    And are you loosing, potential deals because of lack of understanding the scope and embedding into right proposal?
  • Are you a solution provider,and your customers are always complaining about weak or lack of right technical document,despite better solution?

No matter how small this may appear, these may lead to a large crack in your key to satisfy the customer, at times most may overlook at these areas and by the time we want to address, we might of ran out of time.

Vio have a unique approach, we have a team dedicated just for your doc services, on demand making an answer for those solvable cracks in your package to your customers and what’s more help you to reduce the cost on a key parameter which will help you and your customers to capture the core information that will transform into economical drivers. To learn more on our offerings talk to our experts. or email