Software Developer

The Role

We are looking for one experienced (a minimum of five years’ experience and hands on following mentioned skills) software developers with a combination of Back End and Front End development experience. Project management skills are also highly desirable.

Adelaide office
Highly Desirable Experience
Experience in managing client-facing projects and small and mid-size teams
Excellent interpersonal communication skills for use both within the company and with clients
Experience in the development and implementation of mobile, desktop and web applications using PHP, Python, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and other web technologies…
Responsive web design and creative
Experience in working with Wordpress or other tools
Very experienced with Object Oriented PHP (5.4+) including Unit testing, preferably with Laravel.
Front end web design (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap) across a range of browsers (IE8+, FF3.5+, Chrome, Safari).
Performance optimisation considerations, e.g. caching, javascript performance
Web security experience, e.g. XSS, CSRF, session theft, SQL injection etc.
Database design is a must
Knowledge and understanding of web application architectures is a must
Understanding of the configuration, performance issues and security issues related to web applications
Additionally, your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, together with your ability and willingness to contribute in a team environment will see you succeed in this role, as will your results-driven nature, flexible thinking and ability to take initiative and manage competing priorities.

If Interested please contact us at the Adelaide office, the details are given under contact us or send your word document resume to Please mention the job code in email subject.

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Eligibility and Right to Work in Australia

You can apply if you are:
an Australian citizen: a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility
a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport: you are allowed to stay and work in Australia without restriction
a non-citizen with a valid visa that provides work rights: a current passport containing the visa is proof of eligibility.

Opened Position

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